Monday, April 19, 2010

Favourites List

Anyone got favourite books, authors etc? I think I can make a list of favourites. Still learning..


  1. HI Folks great work to get this up and running well done.There is an origional writing gig on in dublin this sat i plan to go.Its on in georges st ORIGIONAL WRITING is behind it.I am not great at doing these blogs so please excuse the hamfisted attempt.For anyone that is having any doubts about your own ability a book i found excellent was SOLVED by Geoffrey J Canavan,chat soon HUGH LEDDY.

  2. Hi Hugh
    Good to hear from you. I moved your comment into a new post so that it would appear at the top of the page.

  3. Thanks Dittany do we have a list of email addresses and mobile nos as i would like to link up with and meet regular(at least once a month)with any one that is interested in getting published.I am working towards publishing my 1st book in Q4 this year and plan to do an annual publication from then on.Depending on how well that goes i am also researching making a film in my home village of BUTLERSBRIDGE and the general cavan area in 2012/13.I am desighing a new website that will be live before the end of June and i hope to use it as a platform to sell the book.If any wants to skype me feel free i would love to hear from anyone my skype details is hugh.leddy1 and my mobile is 0862528066.Talk soon.