Thursday, June 3, 2010

Irish Times Editorial Internship Scheme

Hi everyone!
Just in case anyone's interested The Irish Times is offering 12-month internships starting in September. (The deadline to apply is June 11th.) If you go onto their website and search "editorial internship" you can find the application form. You have to submit two journalism-related pieces with your application. So obviously we all already have one. I'm trying to think of an idea for another piece to write but I haven't thought of anything so far - If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it! I'll be at the book launch tomorrow night so I presume I'll see some of you there!!


  1. hello Katie/Sinead/Lee/Edwin/Eilis,
    Thank you all for supporting the book launch last night it was a great success.Ena asked to forward her thanks on behalf of the school for your generosity.

  2. Great to be at the launch of Paul's 'slim volume' last Saturday. Good to see Katie (entwined by her 2 children), Lee and Sinead there as well. My wife, Eilis, also enjoyed the occasion. I hope Paul succeeds in selling many more copies of "The Insect Cup". I'm sure he would welcome enquiries from any of you. The book has already delighted children of all ages.

    Sinead is very generous in informing us all of the Irish Times internship scheme. Maybe she likes competition. Mind you, I've seen her in action, ferretting information out of Ena about her school music project (that which Paul was supporting with his launch). Very professional, especially the note-taking on any scrap of paper she could lay hands on (notepads? who needs a notepad?)

    Sinead, I hope you tell us something about the resultant article. And good luck with the internship application!

    Good luck all, Edwin

  3. please read The Book Thief for sheer brilliance,a thoughtful unique journey through the holocaust where your host is Death.
    For another more recent and disturbing read on the same subject,try Yann Martel's Beatrice and Virgil- an author with writers block helps a would be playwright to finish his life's work - a play where there are the only characters are a monkey and a donkey who can speak.Slow to start,a gathering awarenness and a horrifying realization mirror the holocaust itself.

  4. Hi Sinead
    Hope your application went well. I seem to have missed so much in a few weeks! Let us know how you get on.