Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hugo Hamilton and Pat McCabe in Conversation

Last night at the County Hall in Dunlaoghaire, these two appeared as part of the on-going DLR Book Festival.  Hugo Hamilton is author of 'The Speckled People' depicting his somewhat unusual upbringing in Dun Laoghaire.  Pat McCabe is author of 'The Butcher Boy', an extraordinary journey into a disturbed mind and the cartoon-like characters in an Irish village in the 1950's.  This was a very enjoyable evening - Pat McCabe read from his just released new novel 'The Stray Sod'.  He has the capability of performing each speaker's part, even the voices of the women, in a very entertaining way.  Tonight's big event is the 'Beckett Address' which will be given by Alan Stanford.  I will be attending the 'Leviathan Policital Cabaret' at the same time.  It would be great if someone could report back on the Beckett Address as it is billed as the highlight of the festival.

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