Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Pint and a Haircut - True Irish Stories for Haiti, Book Launch

The book is to be launched on Wednesday, October 13th at St Andrew's College, Booterstown, Co Dublin at 7.30pm.  Further information:

How much is the book?The book's RRP is €12.99

Where will it be on sale?All good bookshops. It is being distributed by Easons wholesalers and Argosy.
Please ask your local bookshop to order some in if they haven't already.
The ISBN number is 978-1-907535-16-1 (this is useful for your bookshop when ordering).

When will it be onsale?It should be in the shops in the next 7-10 days.

Can we buy it online?Yes - you can order it from Londubh books (

Can we buy it at the Launch?Yes - we will have a large number of books available at the launch

How can we help publicise the book?We will have A2 posters at the launch which you can take home with you and get your local bookshop to put up.
Also - if you know anyone in working in any of the media, please be sure to tell them about the book and ask them to give it some coverage. We can provide press releases if required.
I'm happy to do any radio or tv interviews that anyone's willing to give me!

Where did you get the painting on the book cover?I came across the painting by sheer luck while googling, looking for a suitable illustration. The fantastic painting was done by an Irish artist called Eolaí gan Fhéile. You can see and buy his work at Huge thanks to Eolaí gan Fhéile for generously granting permission to use his piece.
Thanks are also due to Jon Bond for his great cover design work.

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