Friday, October 1, 2010

off the radar screen

Hi All,
Sorry for being off the radar screen for a while. More hospital stuff and then I got a new job. I'm working as a researcher on a drivetime radio show. I absolutely love it and fingers crossed is the start of something big for me.
I got a story accepted into A Pint and a Haircut so I'm really looking forward to seeing some of you at the launch.
Sabine- I got The Book Centre in Waterford to stock the book so I'm thinking that maybe the Kilkenny branch could do the same.
Fiona- I still have your book. If you send my your address, I'll pop it back in the post for you.

So hope everyone had a great summer and is still scribbling.
Chat soon

1 comment:

  1. Hi Deirdre
    Its great to hear from you and especially with such good news. That makes 4 of us in 'A Pint and a Haircut'. I'll be at the launch so you can give me the book then if you like. My two girls are in St Andrews so I know it well. If you need a lift to the door from Dun Laoghaire let me know - that goes for Sabine and Mary too. Looking forward to seeing you all. Fiona